Rural voters shouldn’t be taken in by Brownback’s efforts to mislead or make us afraid. He is simply trying to divert attention from the fact he has failed to support public education and that will hasten consolidation.

Without adequate funding, small rural districts have no choice but to move faster to merge. -

Next year at this time, the state budget will face a shortfall because Brownback slashed income taxes. Instead, he wants us to believe that rural schools will face funding troubles because of something a former senator said a few years ago.

Sorry, governor, we’re not that dumb. Your diversion tactics are nothing short of demeaning to rural Kansans.

He was a Texas surgeon. Performing operations while reportedly using cocaine. Two patients died…. others were paralyzed. Doctors spoke out, but the hospital did nothing to stop him. Families and victims sued the hospital. Then weeks after accepting a quarter million dollar campaign contribution from the hospital’s chairman, Greg Abbott got involved. Using his office to go to court, against the victims. Greg Abbott. Another insider. Not working for you.

Kansas has long had a tradition of strong public schools.

From the early beginnings in one room schoolhouses, to the award winning schools in neighborhoods across the state, Kansans take pride in our institutions.

That’s why Sam Brownback’s attack on our schools are so troubling.

The largest single cut to our schools in state history, attacks our educators and misleading Kansans on his record of failed policies goes against everything we stand for.